Bespoke Invitations & Save the Dates

What to expect

Step one:

Getting to know your style

After filling out out bespoke enquiry form i'll check i'm available for your dates & get back to you with the details. This will include a bespoke questionnaire to get to know your wedding and invitation vision, this is completed online, make sure to include any inspiration images you have saved. As your wedding invitations are such a visual thing this works better than a telephone call or meeting.

Our invitations range from £2.50 to £15+ each, depending on the details and materials. For an idea of price per invitation you can view our bespoke price list, which will help you form a guide price for the materials you would like to choose. On the day prices vary depending on the item (there are so many!) you can get a rough idea of the prices by viewing our pre-designed ranges: paper goods , signage & table plans.

We'll also send through the design invoice, which will take you to step two (the reeeally exciting bit)

Step two:

Initial Design Concept (X3)

Once we have a clearer idea on your likes and dislikes, we will draw up 3 initial design concepts. We charge a £35 design fee (non-refundable) as a lot of work goes into it, but there is no obligation for you to go forward after this stage. You will receive your design invoice after completing your questionnaire. Venue illustration in the style of your choosing can be added at this stage as a luxury extra (+£25) if you are wishing to have this as an element on your invitations. You will also be provided with a print of your venue illustration.


The design concepts will be in the form of a digital proof via email (usually 2-3 weeks after receiving invoice payment)

Step three:

Design & Material Selection

Now you have your 3 initial design concepts, we need your thoughts and feedback! It's ok to say ‘I like the font of Design 1 but the layout on Design 3’ or ‘can you add more foliage and less florals’. Pick the design that you are leaning towards the most and let us know the alterations you need to make it perfect. We will have used generic wording - this will all be amended to your timings and details.

By now we should have confirmed the materials that you will be using & the design amendments you would like to make. It’s at this stage that we will send you your final invoice and info forms. The forms will include details such as timings, locations, guest names & addresses.

Step four:

Design Amendments

From there we will send your amended design proofs for approval (around a week after payment/info forms). We will also include your key dates, which are deadlines to follow to achieve the dispatch date stated, they will look something like the below;

Invoice payment/info form return date: 28/02/20
Design amendment stage: 06/03/20 – 27/03/20

Final proof approval: 03/04/20
Dispatch by: 17/04/20

If anything is delayed or completed sooner use your key dates as a guide for timing as to how much your dispatch date will be pulled forward or pushed back.

The wording and details will now be correct so if you spot any mistakes let us know! It’s always a good idea to ask a family member or friend to read the proof as sometimes our brains can skip over these things. This is your chance to change any of the design details or wording, we will amend to your comments and re-send proofs until it’s perfect! If you want to see it in person you can order a personalised sample (£7.50), which will follow your most recent proof.

The design amendment stage usually takes around 2 weeks of back and forth email approvals, any longer than this will effect your dispatch date. Your emails will be responded to within a few days, so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox so as not to waste any precious design time!

Step five:

Final Proof

This is it! The final proof, read and re-read to check every detail. This is exactly how your invitations will look, it needs to be perfect. You can’t make any changes after this point.


When we have your approval of the final proof we will add you to the print queue. It’s our time to shine lovingly & thoughtfully putting everything together by hand in our Nottingham studio.

Step six:


All done! We’ll package and dispatch to you as soon as it's ready. They will be posted to you usually via Royal Mail or DPD, tracked over £50. They will arrive soon (usually within 2 working days) and be all yours! All you need to do is add a stamp and post them to your guests.